We help authors grow their platform and find the audience their work truly deserves. We accomplish this by supporting other small businesses in our space. Creating meaningful partnerships with hard-working, like-minded people has been the cornerstone of success for our business as well as the authors we represent. Collaboration and teamwork are the path forward.

At DarkLit Press, we champion the work of marginalized and underrepresented authors while providing a supportive and collaborative environment. Authors and their work are at the center of everything we do. We are proud to provide our people with editorial excellence, marketing reach, connections with booksellers, and insight into reader and consumer behavior and strive to create meaningful connections between authors and readers and to make a lasting impact in our niche.

We stand in solidarity with small businesses. It is our core belief that bookstores and libraries are pillars of the community so we feel that it is our obligation to offer any support we can. Our people are voracious readers and writers who can offer SEO-optimized blog posts, we have a large digital library of free-to-read stories to offer your in-store patrons and our authors are available for an array of appearances as well (online or in-store). Our platform is at your disposal. We have worked extremely hard to build a newsletter with more than 40,000 subscribers and an extensive social network of readers that are excited to learn more about you. We reserve space to celebrate all that you do. Contact us to learn more about bulk discounts and the free marketing efforts we can provide.


    Andrew Robert is an advocate for indie authors and a die-hard horror fan. He is extremely passionate about public relations, marketing and the publishing industry. When he is not devouring a book, he is actively seeking new opportunities to promote authors and their works. You can find Andrew on all the major social platforms. Just search @thebookdad and you'll be sure to find his ugly mug. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions. He is always available.


    Austrian Spencer is a horror writer living in Austria, near the city of Graz, nestled under a mountain, slowly hoarding gold to bait a dragon. Austrian (or Andy, to those in the know) loves nothing more than slicing, dicing, and permanently altering other people's words. He has made it his goal in life to kill all the Be's, and would love nothing more than to cut you...r book. Trust him.

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