What to Expect From Us in 2023

What to Expect From Us in 2023

We're excited to share some news about our upcoming publications here at DarkLit Press

We're thrilled to be able to share some news with you about the exciting publications that we have coming up here at DarkLit Press. We're always on the lookout for talented and innovative authors who are pushing the boundaries of dark and speculative fiction, and we have some truly fantastic works lined up for release in the coming months. Whether you're a fan of horror, science fiction, fantasy, or any other subgenre within the realm of the dark and speculative, we're confident that you'll find something to love in our upcoming lineup. So stay tuned, and get ready to discover some amazing new voices in the world of literature!

DarkLit Press has signed Scott J. Moses to publish his horror novella.

OUR OWN UNIQUE AFFLICTION pitched as LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Lindqvist) meets MONGRELS (Stephen Graham Jones). The story of Alice Ann, a dejected immortal who longs for her life in the sun. Navigating guilt, loss, family, meaning, murder, and all that comes with the curse of living forever.

Scott J. Moses
*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Scott J. Moses is the author of Non-Practicing Cultist (Demain Publishing). A member of the Horror Writers Association, his work has appeared in Paranormal Contact (Cemetery Gates Media), Diabolica Americana (Keith Anthony Baird), Planet Scumm, and elsewhere. He also edited What One Wouldn’t Do: An Anthology on the Lengths One Might Go To. He is Japanese American and lives in Baltimore.
Scott J. Moses Publisher's Marketplace Deal Report

DarkLit Press has signed Ross Jeffery to publish his adult horror novel.

Pitched as The Lighthouse meets The Witch. A grief-riddled couple heads to a small coastal town to escape their daughter’s lingering ghost, but on arrival at this idyllic spot, they soon discover something floating in the sea - but is what they find a gift or a curse.

*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Ross Jeffery is the Bram Stoker Award and Splatterpunk Award nominated author of Tome, Juniper, Scorched (The Juniper trilogy), Beautiful Atrocities, Only the Stains Remain and Tethered.

Ross’ fiction has appeared in various print anthologies and his short fiction and flash fiction can be found online in many fabulous journals.

Ross lives in Bristol with his wife and his two children.
Ross Jeffery Publisher's Marketplace Deal Report

DarkLit Press has signed Tyler Jones to publish his horror novella.

HEAVY OCEANS, pitched as THE MIST meets SACCULINA. A vicious story of men on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean when everything flips upside down. A fever dream of strange discoveries, blood and mayhem.
*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Tyler Jones is the author of Criterium, The Dark Side of the Room, Almost Ruth, and the story collection Burn the Plans. His novel Midas will be published in 2023 by Earthling Publications. His stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, and on LitReactor, Cemetery Dance, and The No Sleep Podcast. He is represented by Elizabeth Copps at Copps Literary Services.
Tyler Jones Publisher's Marketplace Deal Report

DarkLit Press has signed Briana Morgan to publish her novel.

TIGER CULT pitched as TIGER KING meets THE GIRLS, in which the survivor of a sensationalized tragedy must revisit her time with a cult leader and his big cats for a true crime documentary.

*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Briana Morgan is a horror author and playwright. Her books include THE REYES INCIDENT, MOUTH FULL OF ASHES, THE TRICKER-TREATER AND OTHER STORIES, UNBOXED: A PLAY, and more. Her short stories can be found in various anthologies. She's also a proud member of the Horror Writers Association.

Briana lives with her partner and two cats in Atlanta, Georgia.

DarkLit Press has signed Tim Meyer to publish his novel.

LACUNA'S POINT pitched as DESPERATION meets GONE GIRL, in which a text message from her missing daughter leads a grieving mother to a peculiar town that harbors strange secrets.
Tim Meyer

*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Tim Meyer dwells in a dark cave near the Jersey Shore. He’s written and published over fifteen novels and novellas, including Malignant Summer, The Switch House, Dead Daughters, Limbs, and many other titles. His screenplay adaptation for The Switch House His screenplay has won two finalist awards (Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Horror Competition 2020 & Semifinalist, Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards 5). He exists on coffee and IPAs.

You can visit him at timmeyerwrites.com.

Tim Meyer is repped for film/tv by Karmen Wells at The Rights Factory.
Tim Meyers Publisher's Marketplace Deal Report

DarkLit Press has signed Caitlin Marceau to publish her novel.

IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO GO LIKE THIS pitched as pitched as SINGLE WHITE FEMALE meets PSYCHO, in which a woman grows disillusioned with her marriage and increasingly obsessed with her neighbour—along with his dead wife—embarks on a gruesome journey to live a life that was never meant to be hers.

*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Caitlin Marceau is a queer author and lecturer based in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association, and has spoken about genre literature at several Canadian conventions. She spends most of her time writing horror and experimental fiction, but has also been published for poetry as well as creative non-fiction. Her work includes Palimpsest, 23 McCormick Road, Magnum Opus, and This Is Where We Talk Things Out. Her collection , Femina, is slated for publication later this year. For more, check out CaitlinMarceau.ca.
Caitlin Marceau's Publisher's Marketplace Deal Report

DarkLit Press has signed Zachary Ashford to publish his novel.

POLYPHEMUS Pitched as the unholy union of LORDS OF CHAOS, HEREDITARY and METALOCALYPSE, a Faustian death metal tragedy rife with themes of obsession, addiction, possession, jealousy, betrayal, desolation, and murder. This harrowing tale explores the downfall of death-metal band Polyphemus - when their forsaken vocalist leaves rehab and is taken under the wing of a cultist life-coach, he promises a powerful demon five souls, but his attempts to manipulate his former bandmates into reconciliation plumb the depths of depravity and culminate in the damnation of his soul and the devastation of all the band-members hold dear.

Zachary Ashford

*** AUTHOR BIO ***

Zachary Ashford is an Australian author, educator, and speaker. His dystopian horror novella When the Cicadas Stop Singing was nominated for the Aurealis Award. His other works include the Sole Survivor books, Autotomy Cocktail, and Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory. His short fiction has been published by various presses. His love of Ozploitation creature features has seen him called ‘a master of bush horror’. When he’s not writing stories about the human condition while surrounded by action figures and monstrous memorabilia, he’s listening to death metal, hanging with his amazing wife, chilling with his son, or playing with his cat.
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